Robin Waite

How to Close Bigger Deals

How to Create Pricing Strategies for Your Business and Earn More Money with Fewer Clients

99% business owners adjust their prices once or twice a year or even more rarely than that, and the one thing which stops them from increasing their prices…fear!

Fear of losing clients or repelling customers that you’ve yet to closed. The reality is that in 99% of the time price is never the real objection. Where many business owners struggle is in having the ability to articulate their value to a potential customer with confidence. Imagine if you had a superpower where the customer already knew how amazing you were, what results you got for your customers and whatever price you gave them they simply said, “Yes!” to without hesitation.

During the talk we’ll be covering:

– Why it’s important not to discount
– How too much demand for a product/service can negatively impact a business
– How increasing your prices stops the “Sales Cycle of Doom”
– Why charging what everyone else charges is a bad idea!
– The sad facts of Facebook and its impact on Pricing
– Brief insight into the Money Mindset and Internal Value Systems

Ultimately someone’s got to be the most expensive – so why isn’t it you?

Speaker Bio

Robin is the Founder of Fearless Business, regular speaker at various business events and bestselling author of several books, including Online Business Startup, Marketing Machine and the recent popular release Take Your Shot.

He puts his 2 decades of business experience to work, coaching clients to reach their goals, create more time and increase their revenue.

From the age of 18, Robin spent four years as a systems analyst for a medical devices company, increasing their turnover by 50 per cent, from £1m to £1.5m.

From 2004 to 2016 Robin led a successful marketing agency serving over 250 clients. During this time delivering workshops and masterclasses that helped over 1,000 business owners improve their marketing, product architecture, pricing, websites and digital advertising.
Behind the scenes Robin is a husband and father to two young girls, a surfer and Sunday warrior (road cyclist). He hates going up the hills but is well known at his local cycling club for his descending at speeds more than 50mph down said hills.

Robin holds a Guinness World Record for participating in the largest ever speed networking event, has raised over £5k for a local Children’s charity in the last 4 years and has a goal to help remove 100kg of plastic from the World’s Oceans within the next 12 months via another charity he supports – 4Ocean.

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