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Zero Pitch Event | World Class Speakers | Creator & Business Tracks


Thursday May 23rd 2024 | Birmingham, UK

REFUND PERIOD: Buying your ticket early really helps support the event.
And fear not, you can request a no-questions-asked full refund right up until March 31st 2024.

Combining Creator Economy & Business Strategy

From travelling the world and going to marketing events, I realised that a lot of the creators I met, some with astronomical followings, were not business minded and the business owners, didn’t know what was required to achieve viral success, so with TubeFest we wanted to solve that problem and the two tracks we’ve put together, help bridge the gap.

Whether you’re a Creator, Business Owner or Entrepreneur, TubeFest is the perfect environment for you to excel. 

Check out the two tracks and speaker lineup we have below.

Why TubeFest, Why Now?

In the vast landscape of marketing events across Europe, it’s become increasingly clear that there’s a distinct gap – a need for an event that truly stands apart. The majority of marketing conferences in the UK have morphed into pitch fests, more focused on selling the next big thing rather than delivering real, actionable value. Even those few claiming to be ‘pitch-free’ often fall short of their promise, leaving attendees seeking more substance and less sales talk.

This realisation hit home when I found myself traveling halfway across the world to attend an event that finally delivered what it promised. It was a revelation – the kind of immersive, informative experience that Europe was sorely missing. That’s why we’re bringing to you an unparalleled event: one that combines the finesse of creator tactics with solid business strategy, turning every learning into an opportunity for profit. No hidden sales pitches, no empty promises – just pure, actionable insights designed to elevate your video marketing game.

Join us in this unique journey to reshape the landscape of marketing events in Europe. Be part of an experience where learning leads to real earning. Don’t miss out on the chance to transform your views into revenue and your content into profit. Secure your spot now and be a part of something truly groundbreaking!



REFUND PERIOD: Buying your ticket early really helps support the event. And fear not, you can request a no-questions-asked full refund right up until March 31st 2024.


Retail Price £667

Just £398

Save 50% OFF retail price when you purchase today!!

PLEASE NOTE: You can switch between Virtual & In-Person tickets at any point free of charge (as long as in-person tickets have not sold out).

Our World Class Speaker Lineup

Organic Marketing Mastery: Millions of Views = Millions of Pounds

How To Gain 100k Followers In A Year Using Short-Form Video

Building a Community your Clients Love and Can’t Wait To Recommend

How a Weekly Livestream Show Will Boost Your Business Growth

Make Real Money And Thrive As A Content Creator On YouTube

Youtube SEO, Leveraging Rankings to Grow your Audience and Revenue

Diversify your Creator Revenue with a Membership: How to Build a Profitable Video Membership Business

How Using AI Can Explode Your YouTube Channel

How We Use YouTube as a B2B Lead Generation Pipeline!

How to Close Bigger Deals

Catapult Your Paid Ad Performance With Video
YouTube at The Centre Of Your Marketing Strategy
The Confident Creator: Integrating AI in Video for Authentic Communication
The Alchemy of Social Media Psychology – Turn your content into gold

MC – Creator Track

MC – Business Track

Inclusivity Chair

something interest


something else

One Epic Conference | One Epic Party

We know how important it is to create meaningful connections, whether it’s new friends, new collaborations or even new business relationships and I’ve always said the best connections are made at the conference party.

This is why we’ve hired out a full venue for the after party, set across two floors, this venue is the perfect place to connect with people and continue the conversation.

Whilst it is not obligatory to go, we encourage you to come along and make some new friends.

If that’s not all we will also host a number of networking opportunities ahead of the event to help you get to know people before you arrive.

Attend In-person or Virtually

The venue we’ve chosen is amazing and we would love to see you in-person and dance the night away at our event party. 

However, we know that for some of you, attending in person will not be possible, so we have arranged to have the whole event live streamed, both tracks and available to you as replays as we know there will be a clash of two great sessions and you won’t want to miss them.

Virtual ticket holders can expect:

No Quibble Refund Policy


At TubeFest we are committed to making sure you get the best tips, tricks and strategies for growing your business using video marketing. This event is not a pitch fest, we’re not trying to sell you onto a mastermind, a high ticket programme or something else, instead the speakers will provide true value

We’re big believers in being good humans and so, if you need a refund before March 31st, you can drop us an email and we will issue a full refund with no questions asked.
After that date there will be a 50% cancellation charge until May 1st and 100% after that. 
However, you can sell / transfer your ticket to another person free of charge at any time.

The main reason we didn’t do the event in London is cost, Birmingham is extremely reasonable for hotel rooms, travel, food and drink. 
It is walking distance from the train station and there’s an international airport one stop from New Street station.
Please also note, Birmingham has a clean air zone, so this should be checked ahead of time if travelling by car.

Our speakers are some of the most friendly people i’ve ever met. You will find them hanging around at the breaks, lunch and at the after party.

Please check out the accomodation page for more information on hotels. We have a limited amount of spaces at the conference hotel so contact us for more information.

Yes all sessions are recorded and every attendee will recieve lifetime access to them via our online portal.

Yes the venue is on the ground floor and all rooms are accessible, there is a hearing loop on both tracks and we are doing our upmost to make the event accessible and inclusive, please contact us if you have any specific requirements that you feel we may have missed.

Please check out our travel and accomodation page for more information

We are confident that the event will go ahead, however, if for any reason the event gets cancelled we will issue a full refund

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