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TubeFest Dublin: One Day | Two Tracks | 14+ World Class Speakers & Educators | Networking | Social Events

The TubeFest Effect

Some events leave you feeling full of regret. The agenda and speakers looked so full of promise, but you wake up after attending and wish you hadn’t bothered. You spent a whole day (often more) listening to generic, dull talks. Wasted the evening ‘networking’ with people you couldn’t wait to escape.

And you still don’t have the answers you were looking for. Wondering if you will ever have the right steps in place for reaching your goals. In other words, you’re no further forward.

And then there’s the morning after TubeFest…

That familiar anxiety about your marketing and business growth is… gone. No more staring at a blank screen, wondering what to create next. No more second-guessing your strategy or feeling lost in the algorithm. 

Instead, you feel full of energy, focus, and determination. Why? Because TubeFest helped you figure out:

This is your new reality – where every video brings you closer to your goals.

This is the TubeFest effect.

For Creators:

You work hard to create the very best content for your clients, it’s time to do it for yourself.

You’re ready to turn your passion into profit through the power of YouTube. Grab your ticket for TubeFest Dublin, and you’ll learn to:

For Entrepreneurs:

You deliver outstanding results for your clients; it’s time to bring more to your door using YouTube and video marketing. Your TubeFest Dublin ticket will press fast-forward on your client attraction as you learn to:

If you want to find out what’s going to work for you on YouTube today, you need to be in the room at TubeFest Dublin.

Our Past Attendees Got So Much From TubeFest (And You Can Too)

Having an EPIC time at TubeFest so far!!! LOTS of valuable insights on video marketing, business and life! implement what I'm learning, it's sparking so many ideas! Can't wait to implement what I'm learning, it's sparking so many ideas!
Kallum Russell
It was amazing with some fantastic speakers. I've taken so much knowledge away to try and improve as a content creator.
Roll on October for TubeFest Dublin!
Jonathan Edwards
Tech YouTuber
I had such an incredible experience at TubeFest this year!
The creator community truly is the most kind and inclusive group of people worldwide that I have ever met.
Austin Armstrong
AI Expert
Tubefest opened my eyes to so many new ways to expand my content, with excellent speakers and some seriously experienced attendees. Since then my content game is dramatically improved and the contacts I’ve built has been of real value to me. Can’t wait to head to the next one
Jake Kitchener
Co-Founder StreamDNA
Everything was great, the people, the atmosphere, the speakers, venue, the food. Everything 10/10!

Bring on Dublin
Vanisha Patel

Your Guide to Video & Marketing Success

You’ve found your way to the TubeFest page, which means you’re standing at a crossroads in your business. You know something needs to change. You need to grow your business, bring in more clients, and get more eyes on your content, but so far, what you’ve been doing isn’t working.

Do you go all-in on the video marketing path you’re currently on and hope something finally clicks? Or do you throw in the towel and start again with something new?

Wherever you are in your business journey, whether you’re a content creator or entrepreneur (or, most likely, both), you’ve got a decision to make.


Is it scary to go all-in on one area of marketing? It can be, yes.

But here’s the truth:

It’s way more terrifying to burn everything down and start again with something new. I know, I’ve done it. And the scariest thing is starting again and realising you didn’t need to start over. 

That’s why I created TubeFest – to help you build on what you’ve already been doing, no matter where you are with your video marketing. Newbie, old timer or something in between. If something’s not working, let’s fix it. You don’t have to start something new from scratch.

TubeFest is your chance to figure out what you really want – and how using video can help you get it. 

If you love the sound of that, you’re gonna love TubeFest

What Does Video Marketing Success Really Look Like?

It’s Everything You Really Want and Deserve

How great would it feel to post new content and instantly get a flood of comments from happy viewers? How about your subscriber count increasing by the hundreds, your calendar filling with clarity and sales calls, and your bank balance filling up, too?

That’s the power of video success. It’s not just about viral videos or subscriber milestones; it’s about getting clear on what you want and building a strategy that connects your passion and financial goals with your audience’s needs.

We designed TubeFest because we know your vision of success is unique. We’re skipping the cookie-cutter advice and generic talks and instead giving you a plan and a map to make your marketing and business the best it can be.

And that could lead to: 

Join Us In Dublin!!

Dublin: Where Tech Meets Tradition, Meets TubeFest!

Dublin isn't just Ireland's capital city, Dublin:

In other words, Dublin is an incredible place steeped in history and tradition, with innovation and creativity at its core.

We can’t think of a better backdrop for TubeFest, can you?


REFUND PERIOD: Buying your ticket early really helps support the event. And fear not, you can request a no-questions-asked full refund right up until August 31st. After this date, you can sell your ticket and request a free-of-charge name change on your ticket, up to 7 days before the event.

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TubeFest is a fun, inclusive and pitch-free video marketing festival that will leave attendees inspired and ready to take action.

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